12 Apr

Top Ceram RAK 300 Porcelain & Stoneware Sealer – 1 Litre


Porcelain Tiles Protection.

Size: 1 Litre

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Top Ceram® RAK 300’s barrier properties protect the micro-porosity of polished porcelain and stoneware.

Due to the nature of manufacture, polished or semi-polished porcelain stoneware is highly susceptible to dirt due to the opening of the surface during the polishing process. Previously concealed air pockets are now exposed, enabling dirt and paint particles to adhere. This causes almost irreversible damage: Tiles have to be stripped with a diamond grinder to repair.

Top Ceram® RAK 300 reliably prevents the adhesion of dirt and paint particles. The “permanent marker test” is normally used to validate the performance : If the permanent marker can be completely removed with ethanol, the tile is protected.

Consumption is 5ml / m2 – Apply a few drops to a microfibre cloth and use circular polishing motion to apply.

Size: 1 Litre

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